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Nivea - The Climbing Cholitas 

Elena trains to be among the first group of indigenous women to 'put a skirt on top of Everest.' 


Western Digital - Jimmy Chin

A portrait of the remarkable Oscar-winning filmmaker, photographer and climber.

zandi black mermaid

Nivea - The Black Mermaid

Zandile Ndhlovu is the first black female freedive instructor and one of BBC's 100 women of 2023. 

Pressure - Alexey Molchanov-high.gif

Pressure - Alexey Molchanov

The greatest freediver of all time on how the ocean can heal. Shot on location in Amed, Indonesia. 


Story listener & teller. 


My work ranges from big budget commercials with top-tier production houses like Stink and Furlined, to intimate portraits of unknown heroes in remote settings. 


I’ve climbed a mountain with Jimmy Chin, sat in a freezer with Wim Hof, and explored the ocean floor with Alexey Molchanov. 


I've lived with an indigenous female climbing crew in Bolivia, a shaman in Indonesia, a survivalist in the Turkish desert, and a child soldier in Africa. 


I invented the GoPro canine rig, put a camera on the edge of the earth’s atmosphere, and made too many films about dogs. 


I work mostly out of LA and Europe but can never scrub my roots in Cape Town. 


"It’s not often a man with a great camera eye also has a brain that’s questioning the status quo."

- John Hunt, Worldwide ECD, TBWA



Run Jose

Telling the story of former Angolan child soldier and close friend, Jose has been the single most transformative experience of my career.  

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Breathe - Wim Hof

A portrait of the wild Dutch Iceman, filmed in a -20C/-5F fridge in Los Angeles while wearing a pair of shorts and practicing his technique. 

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Nivea - Serdar 

Turkish survivalist, Serdar Killic talks about the importance of having a strong connection to nature.


Woolworths - Lance

A textile factory owner with a passion for dance, definitely one of the more curious people I have interviewed. 

Jim botha.gif

Woolworths - Do Different

The most raw story of passion and conviction from an a businessman who left his entire life to be a kale farmer in the middle of nowhere. 


The Spirit of My Grandfather

An Indonesian shaman offers his life as a sacrifice so this grandson may live, leaving no living survivors with the ancient knowledge.  

SK_OpenEyes_2016-04-14_Online_Second_Pass_V2_Untill_I_Die_H264_AdobeCreativeCloudExpress (

Ster  Kinekor - Open Eyes

A blind boy regains his eyesight with the support of the cinema chain and the whole country votes on what his first film should be. 

The Pegasus Project

The viral hit about my dog and I. Warning: tear jerker.

Johnny Neon - Hearts

Another viral hit and the invention of the dog-cam, with my friend's dog.



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I am represented in all regions non-exclusively and project-dependant.

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