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Jimmy Chin - Western Digital

A portrait of the remarkable Oscar-winning filmmaker, photographer and climber. Shot on location in in the Tetons, Wyoming.

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Wim Hof - Breathe 

A portrait of the wild Dutch Iceman, filmed in a -20C/-5F fridge in Los Angeles while wearing a pair of shorts and practicing his technique. 


Run Jose

Telling the story of former Angolan child soldier and close friend, Jose has been the single most transformative experience of my career.  



Woolworths - Lance

A textile factory owner with a passion for dance, definitely one of the more curious people I have interviewed. 

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Woolworths - Do Different

The most raw story of passion and conviction from an a businessman who left his entire life to be a kale farmer in the middle of nowhere. 


uSave - Truck 

One of the first stories to come out of lockdown, filmed in the chaos and fear of the first week. A warm, caring man doing his bit..

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Open Eyes - Ster  Kinekor

A blind boy regains his eyesight with the support of the cinema chain and the whole country votes on what his first film should be. 


Shoprite - Thami

Another lockdown story, featuring a store owner weighing up the safety of his family versus duty to his country. 



Ketut - The Spirit of My Grandfather

An Indonesian shaman offers his life as a sacrifice so this grandson may live, leaving no living survivors with the ancient knowledge.  


Too Bloody Famous 

A film extra reflects on his life and career as an artist, using almost only found footage and behind-the-scenes.


Originally from South Africa, I have worked everywhere from remote Africa and Indonesia, to more recently LA where I was represented by Furlined for commercials. I am equally comfortable in all.


My work ranges from big budget commercials and interviews with charismatic adventurers including Jimmy Chin and Wim Hof, to intimate portraits of African child soldiers and Balinese shamans. I focus on simple human stories.


My once-off designed camera rigs and organic viral content has earned several Vimeo Staff Picks, featured consistently in Time, Mashable, BestAdsOnTv, Huffington Post, Fast Company, and received recognition including a Grand Prix for Integrated.


"It’s not often a man with a great camera eye also has a brain that’s questioning the status quo."

- John Hunt, Worldwide ECD, TBWA



The Pegasus Project

The viral hit about my dog and I. Warning: tear jerker.


Johnny Neon - Hearts

Another viral hit and the invention of the dog-cam, with my friend's dog.



My DP's dog. The most misanthropic, hilarious being.


SPCA - Myra 

The famous dog that took a bullet in gang crossfire to save a child. 


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I am represented in all regions non-exclusively  and project-dependant:


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